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Me and my wife looked at numerous venues to have our wedding, but when we visited Blackstone and met the coordinator, Emily, we knew we wanted to book it there. She was very helpful, very minimal problems if any at all, and even at that, they were addressed immediately and we're non issues. Wedding day was extremely smooth and worry free. The staff was amazing and helped with all of our requests for help. They kept the venue clean, including bathrooms the whole time. The DJ was awesome and helped everything move smoothly and timely. Over all great people to work with in all areas and aspects. Made it easy to enjoy our day and and was very stress free in months and days leading up to. Highly recommended!!


We had our wedding there. It was amazing. The place looked great. Emily and the rest of the staff couldn't be better. They were attentive and caring. They helped us at every step of the way. They guided me and my wife through it all (e.g. Food choice, linen, cake, music, drinks, the toasts, etc.). I cannot recommend a place more. I don't know what we would have done without them


The venue was amazing and my daughters wedding came out beautifully. Emily, the coordinator, maintained great communication through the weeks prior to wedding, always including us in every detail of it. Catering and cake provided by them was excellent and staff was extremely kind and helpful. I highly recommend this venue as well as all the services they provide!


Beautiful place, nice atmosphere. Definitely recommend it!


Service was excellent. They took care of everything. The DJ played a great set of mixed music, something for everyone. The dance floor was never empty. My daughters QuinceaƱera was a great evening thanks in part to the staff at Blackstone.


The ballroom underwent new management the week of my wedding. When I received the call I truly expected the worst. To my surprise, Emily and her team were AMAZING! She was helpful and accommodating and her staff was exceptionlly friendly and professional. They took care of everything and did so with a great attitude. I'm so glad Emily and her team were there because my wedding day turned out perfectly. I would recommend the Blackstone Ballroom in a heartbeat!


Loved our Home Depot Christmas party thank u great food and beautiful ballroom. Thank you!


My daughters wedding was perfect and it had a lot to do with this great venue! Beautiful location and a wonderful staff. Thank you for all your help.


It's a nice place to have your event....... I loved their service. So look for it for your next event.